Ultra potent lightening body cream

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2shades Lighter | moisturizes | glows and restore

Ingredients: Aqua, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, E-wax, Alpha-tocopheryl acetate, Cetyl alcohol, kojic acid powder, alpha Arbutin, Giga white, steric acid, sunflower seed oil, vegetable glycerin, Germal plus, fragrance.

How to use:
Apply Lotion to clean skin morning and night.
Smooth gently onto body and massage in.

Caution: Do not use on the face.

7 reviews for Ultra potent lightening body cream

  1. Ibukun

    I highly recommend this product

  2. Aisha

    Tested this product out and all thought it may take longer for other people with different skin type, but for me I started seeing results in 2 weeks. Amazing! I highly recommend for the price.

  3. Esther Adebambo

    I like this product is very good for my skin

  4. Cynthia

    Let me tell you, this lotion works! even out my skin tone after I used another lotion which gave me, what I later found out to be hyperpigmentation.
    I started using the ultra potent lightening for approximately three weeks now and it has cleared up my skin 80% it’s looking way better.

  5. Favour

    All I can say is this stuff really works, my leg was always darker than my complexion not anymore. I recommend this product.

  6. Ay

    Perfect for my skin. This has lasted me for a while and I just needed to order more before I ran out so I thought to also leave a review. It works very well on my skin.

  7. Bukola

    I don’t typically do reviews because everyone basically says the same thing they either hate it or love it, but for this body cream I’m taking some time out my day
    I have never finished using a body cream before in my life, This stuff??? Is literally Magic in a freaking bottle! I use it together with the get your glow up oil because it’s quite thick to me, but I don’t mind at all, I’m on my 2nd bottle! I love the product abeg!!

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Ultra potent lightening body cream